Tuesday, July 1, 2014

El Nacimiento De Personas, Summer 1985

Sometimes you are just a bit of a surprise. Having arrived on the island of 'Leader In The Mirrors,' I was basking topless in the sunshine waiting for my friend, nicknamed "Blow" because of his addition to the Colombian powder, when I got a call from the front desk clerk, a well built Cuban male wearing an ID tag labeled 'Don' of 'La Isla Resort Hotel' who had informed me that there were no rooms available given the short notice and lack of reservations. I do recall taking a brief moment to use the ladies room since our departure seemed imminant and to admire the beautiful decor which was a stark change from my prior experience which looked like nothing short of a backwood swamp kitchen. By this time, my friend and Don had become engaged in an argument which, if I recall correctly, escalated into the physical realm of violence. Don looked like he had seen many a battlefield and, upon reflection, get the feeling that Don might have been prone to wartime flashbacks. I stepped in to help my friend barking at the host to, "Leave him alone," and subsequently received the same treatment finding myself face down on the floor. Blow stated that we needed to leave ASAP which we did through the backwoods. I had asked why the back area since it was not the same route we had come in on and was told to basically just shut up and follow. Blow had a look of deep concern and fear on his face so I did not question him any further. We boarded a private airplane and returned to the United States.
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