Saturday, August 3, 2013

Listen to this woman TEARFULLY confess to FORGING Obama's birth certificate in 1985 and says that Maya DELGADO and Barack Obama, both activists for the HISPANIC New World Order which is based in Pablo Escobar's American home town of Clewiston, Florida, have STOLEN her identity. She further states that she has submitted an affidavit to the FBI stating that she is his sister and that this agency continues to ignore the truth.

She also says that she took the black and white photos of Obama while a student of Journalism at Palm Beach Community College where she was also the campus newspaper's Photo-Editor in 1985 (“Beachcomber”). That it was Business Law Professor David Nixon, now believed to have been reassigned as an English instructor to keep the truth hidden, who taught his students the laws of Hawaii which she later shared with Pablo Escobar and Griselda Blanco. That Escobar did broach the subject of Black Genocide in the early 80's but considered it unnecessary at that time due to the hostilities between the white and black races.

Nancy Ruth Owens believes that Americans should force the Federal authorities to disclose all of Pablo Escobar's still-classified secret documents from the 1980's which include the murder of Adam Walsh, Jimmy Hoffa, John F Kennedy, Jr., as well as the TRUE reason behind the March 30, 1981 shooting of President Ronald Reagan which she claims was not a Jodie Foster Hollywood love story but, instead, a true assassination attempt by the Hispanic (Cocaine/Crack Cocaine) New World Order led by Fidel Castro and that John Hinkley, Jr., a teenager growing up in Castro’s covert war on American soil, was simply seduced into action. That she was the second shooter and that Reagan, a coward, never followed through with a proper investigation into the “swamplands” of South Florida.

That his psychological classification of “insanity” was nothing more than Reagan’s attempt to hide the truth. That she believes that it soon became apparent to Reagan and other co-conspirators that they could not flood the mental institutions with government assassins who might disclose the truth to their psychologists. That, in 1985, there was the introduction of a new classification which was “serial killer,” Ted Bundy, an educated lawyer, being the first.

That Reagan COULD HAVE warned the American public about this invasion but failed to do so because Reagan, reportedly partially blind in one eye, had no true military experience and also in order to allow the drug trade to flourish in South Florida. That Reagan knew that this cocaine trade was financing Castro's agenda of White Genocide and the Hispanic New World Order and that HNWO members would meet COVERTLY at Pablo Escobar's Montura Ranch Estate until 1982 when Pablo Escobar discovered that the United States government was involved via the former Florida State Attorney Joseph P. D'ALESSANDRO (Watergate).

That Walter Mondale was murdered in 1983 ensuring that the ineffective Reagan would continue to reign while Castro continued to dominate South Florida. That Joseph P. D'ALESSANDRO is reportedly the cousin of Nancy D'ALESSANDRO Pelosi the same woman who approved the false documentation of "Obama" prior to the 2008 elections and that the purpose of electing “Obama” was to put in check the witnesses who know his true identity and to keep the secrets, including the murder of Adam Walsh from being known to the American public.

That Escobar, in 1982 and just a few miles from the Hendry County Sheriff's department, built his own castle domain, complete with a prison and church, in Clewiston, Florida to enslave Americans who opposed his regime and that she herself was once held here in this prison without any pretense of due process which would have been an ideology completely alien to Pablo Escobar who considered himself "King."

That Bill Clinton LIED about the murder of Escobar in 1993 (cross reference 911 plane #93 reportedly shot down over Pennsylvania) and that Monica Lewinsky and Co. may be unsung heroes for exposing the now-impeached Clinton as a felonious liar. That Escobar was murdered Oct 2, 1990 in Melbourne, Florida after being captured by the leader of the Hell's Angles, Sonny Barger just after the University of Florida Gainesville murders.

That 911 may have been done by the Hispanic (Cocaine) New World Order in retaliation for the murder of Pablo Escobar, a child molester and their chosen King. That the planes which reportedly hit the Twin Towers were #175 which spell “AGE” in code and the other was plane #11. That many politicians serving in the White House today secretly pay homage to the Hispanic Cocaine New World Order and have no desire to protect Americans from invading Hispanic serial killers bent on dominating American.

That our American government refuses to admit to the public this malevolent HNWO entity even exists due to their active involvement in the drug trade and the subsequent murder/cover-up of Adam Walsh, Hoffa. That they are now, fearing exposure and in order to maintain power, compelled to move America into a Globalist society in order to justify the murder and enslavement of Americans who were promised freedom and protection via the Constitution which now exists in theory only.

She is certain that they also fear a Second American Civil War if "Allen" and other communist politicians, whose bank accounts have been engorged by drug money and citizen theft, are ever exposed and thinks that Americans have no choice but to prepare for a PRIVATE WAR against its Mexican neighbor and the ILLEGALS who have continuously perpetrate this WHITE GENOCIDE program. That these ILLEGALS should all be viewed as potential murderers forcefully entering a private home and that America and its assets are here for those who built it. That she is uncertain as to whether or not Obama is continuing Pablo Escobar’s secret works of WHITE GENOCIDE. But, fears that it is highly likely.

Furthermore, she says that many radio commentators now agree that we are an INFILTRATED and CAPTURED NATION and that our corrupt leaders have failed to disclose the dire threat that true United States citizens are currently facing today. That it is up to Americans to share this info with others immediately given that the racial discord across America, with no clears lines being drawn, is reaching an all-time high.
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