Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nancy Ruth Owens, The Obama Birth Certificate Forger, Dispels The Myth Of Maya, The Hawaiian Sister

My name is Nancy Ruth Owens and I am going to slowly share with you information about Obama's forged Birth certificates and selective service registration, who he is, where he comes from, why he's here, and who put him in power. I am going to start by dispelling the biological connection of my half-brother Obama, aka Allen Owens, and a former babysitter of mine, Maya Soetoro.

Maya Soetoro's real name is Maya Delgado and she was a member of Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel which, contrary to popular belief, was actually based on a small ranch in South Florida.

We'll simply compare her facial features to mine and let you draw your own conclusions.

The photo in the center is one reportedly claimed by Obama himself when sharing photos of a younger sister whom he claims lived with he and his parents in Hawaii, USA. A total fabrication by design to possibly instill him one day as a Hispanic New World Order Manchurian Candidate to further the goals set forth by Pablo Escobar in the 1970's and 80's.

These are photos of Maya Delgado and none of her submitted photos show her in her childhood years which, for a family claiming to be very affluent, doesn't exactly make sense, does it? People from rich families tend to have hundreds of photos of their children as they progress throughout the years.


Maya Soetoro, aka May Delgado
Note the high, exposed forehead

And, the dullish hair texture.

As well as the darker hair color


This photo was taken in South Florida. 

Note the bangs and hair sheen which never changes.
Nancy Ruth Owens

Now compare the top photo of the little girl with photos of me as a child and as an adult. Note the hair color, texture, and hair style consistent throughout the photos. There is no Hawaiian theme because we were not raised in Hawaii. We both spent our teens years a few miles north of the Everglades Swamp in South Florida.

Now, if this makes you pause for a moment, then click here for further updates as this blog progresses.

This is a collage for you to share with family and friends for educational purposes. Castro's covert war is now overt.

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