Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mike "Zullo," The Owens Forger, & The Fraudulent Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

 By Nancy Ruth Owens, A Former Hendry County Dispatcher

Major cases not solved during Mike "Zullo" Moore's years as a Hendry County Investigator

Jimmy Hoffa
Adam Walsh
John F Kennedy, Jr.
Reagan's Assassination Attempt
Sheriff Sermon Dyess, Sr.
Four Hendry County Deputies
FBI Agents 
FBI Informants
Hell's Angels MC Members
George Jung's Daughter, Christina
Amtrac Bombings
Murder Of "Obama's" Black Mother
East Coast Girl scout
Henry Lucas
Senator Graham Sodomy Rape Of A 14-Year Old Boy
Pablo Escobar Murder Of 1990
 Bill Clinton's False Claim to Escobar Murder
Mac Booth Bombing (Practice For Hoffa Murder)
Possible Griselda Blanco 1985 Murder
Possible Atlanta, Georgia Olympic Bombing
Numerous False Arrests And Incarceration of the 70's, 80's, 90's
Sherry Farner
Mr. And Mrs. Allison
All Killings Done By The "Kaleidoscope Killer"
All Killings Done By "Pablo's 'White Rabbit'"
All Killings Done By "Bloody Mary"
All Killings Done By "Mary Poppins"
All Killings Done By "Rachel"
All Killings Done By "Dizzy"
All Killings Done By "Molly Ayala"
All Killings Done By "Nancy Dyess"
All Killings Done By "The Gainesville Ripper"
Possibly Killings Done By The Relocated "Zodiac Killer"
All Killings Done By The Drug Lord Pablo Escobar
Possible "Challenger" Explosion
Possible Princess Di And Ron Brown

Before "Zullo" Can Even Begin To Solve The Forged Birth Certificate, He Must Unravel Over Forty-Two Years Of Botched Investigations Out Of Hendry County, Florida. 

How Does Zullo And His Co-Conspirators Try To Sidestep Re-Investigation? With A Simple Fix Which Is To Deny That A Paper Birth Certificate Ever Existed And By Failing To Make Contact With The Real Forger Which Is Myself.

See YouTube Video Titled: PDF vs Paper

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